Reality and dystopia so close together.

We supported the free TV premiere of the second season, „The Handmaid’s Tale“, with an arousing PR campaign. With the specific use of suitable influencers and media partners, we above all pointed out the terrifying parallels between the series and real events and thus caused attention.


Influencer campaign


Watch the video here:

With our influencer campaign with hashtag #FSJbringtwas, we were able to support the Hessen volunteering services to generate attention in the relevant target group and thereby significantly increase the number of applicants for the new year. In the voluntary social year, young people up to the age of 27 take on ancillary activities in the area of common good and often experience a regular working day for the first time. We had a lot of fun drawing attention to this great opportunity for young professionals and supporting social and cultural institutions simultaneously.




PR DIY for beginners

PR for film and entertainment topics is our specialty. We are happy to pass on our knowledge to those who simply want to learn more. In a workshop specially tailored for young filmmakers, we were able to teach beginners the basics of modern communication, which are now ready for their first own campaign.





“A great project for which we couldn't have imagined a better PR agency. It was always fair, at eye level and creative beyond measure! The PR industry is small and you already stand out. ”- Alina Hülsken, Press Spokeswoman Tele 5 on the PR campaign for „The Handmaid‘s Tale - Season 2“



“Jeanette and Hatem designed and led an excellent workshop for us that was precisely focused on the target group. Our participants were enthusiastic. The cooperation was also very professional and pleasant. In future workshops we will definitely think of Friendship Media again. "- Patrick Schaaf, Head of Strategic Development / Communications HessenFilm on the workshop" PR DIY for filmmakers "



We are former colleagues at a Frankfurt entertainment agency, where we have already worked as PR consultants, social media and event managers for well-known cinema and home entertainment clients such as Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros., HBO, MagentaTV and many more.

As good friends, we have now teamed up to do what we love and founded our own communications agency.

Our name is our promise to you!

Do you have a product, a brand or a vision that you want to get into the minds of your customers, partners, employees or just as many as possible? We'll help you to spread your message - via classic or modern communication. We create and implement tailor-made concepts for your subject.

We implement classic PR and marketing campaigns, take over all of your social media activities, come up with strong campaigns with tailor-made influencers, produce your podcast or teach you in workshops to do some of it yourself. Above all, we can make your topic known by letting people chat about it.





Creative Director

Jeanette worked for several years as PR, social media and event manager for cinema, home entertainment and lifestyle products in a Frankfurt based agency. The editorial work as well as the conception, the pitching and the implementation of media effective PR and social media campaigns, as well as the independent content production belonged to her main tasks.

Jeanette completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in theater, film & media studies and philosophy with distinction and also completed her undergraduate studies in art history.

During her studies, she completed internships and part-time jobs at various film festivals and the broadcasters ZDF and ProSieben. In doing so, she developed in-depth knowledge of the German media landscape and gained experience in target group analysis, in dealing with scripts, interviews, the production of radio formats and much more.



Managing Director

Hatem also worked for a Frankfurt based agency for several years as PR, social media and event manager for cinema, home entertainment and lifestyle products. In addition to classic press work for the customers and campaigns, he was primarily responsible for the implementation of out of home campaigns and events.

During his professional career, Hatem worked as a SoMe and artist consultant for the established pop artist Adel Tawil for over 7 years. He has deep insights into the music industry, live business and the German media industry.

Hatem was born and raised in Berlin and completed his Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a focus on marketing and with the thesis "Film Analysis: Berlin Calling - Etiological Aspects and Practical Relevance".

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Social Media | Podcasting | PR | Marketing | Influencer | Workshops | Events


We advise you on the development of social media strategies for different target groups on different platforms. We create appropriate concepts and implement them for you in the form of editorial plans.
As community manager, we interact with your followers and expand your reach. We build image, sound and video material and place it on your channels. We implement content-driven ad campaigns based on target group-specific targetings.


Nothing sticks as well as original audio content! That's why we rely on podcasts and develop a suitable format for you. We take over the production and place your content on all common platforms. In order to make your podcast known, we also develop exciting communication concepts. Would you rather use an established format for your message? Then we would be happy to advise you on podcast advertising and share our strong network of podcast partners.


We shoulder the communication of your products throughout their entire life cycle. From the broad distribution of the first press release, creation of newsletters and the targeted addressing of hand-picked media to high-reach highlight events. In short: we accompany you through all segments of public relations. And don't worry, we are also prepared for crises and able to guide you - that's what friends are for.


Not every influencer is suitable as a brand ambassador for every product. We develop a strategy for you and evaluate suitable cooperation partners within and outside of our existing influencer network. The decisive factor is not just the numbers, but above all the authenticity.


In tailor-made workshops, we give you high-quality insights into the mechanisms of current communication options. This includes social media, podcasting or classic PR. With our workshops you can find an introduction to the desired topic or deepen your existing knowledge. This helps you and your team to carry out your own smaller projects by yourself and to understand and evaluate the work of your service agencies as well.


Soon events will be possible again. We are ready and advise you on the question in which participation makes sense for your product (e.g. festivals, trade fair presences, etc.) Or even better, we simply organize your own event (e.g. press events, premieres, etc.) We develop the right concept, including all activities, which we then implement on site.



A note from the founders

Friendship Media was born out of real friendship. Friendship is the foundation of our work. It is not a goal or a plan, friendship is a state of deep trust and solidarity, a promise to the future. It's the agency's DNA - it's our promise to you:

We know our way around - together we've been in the media industry for over 20 years. Communication is our great passion, we are close to the zeitgeist and can advise you operationally and strategically in every respect.

We are up-to-date - we don’t think of us as omniscient. We prefer to keep educating ourselves. Platforms regularly change their mechanics and use new algorithms. We are not impressed by that. We always keep ourselves up to date in complex self-education measures. Our quality for your products remains at the highest possible level.

We are networkers - we cooperate with a wide range of freelance journalists, editorial offices and service providers. So you can't imagine anything that we couldn't create. But -

We are realists - we don't hold onto empty promises and assess the possibilities for your product realistically - even if that sometimes means that we won't get the job.

We listen to you - there is no such thing as a “the usual way”. Together with you, we create a master plan that is precisely tailored to you and your needs.

We are pragmatists - we know that your time is precious and sometimes it has to be quick and easy. No long decision-making processes, no 7 cooks spoiling your broth. We act quickly and effectively.

We love what we do - we always see ourselves as part of the target group and are passionate about every project.

That's our promise to, that's Friendship Media.

Jeanette Betz & Hatem El-Tawil, founders of Friendship Media





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